Hamilton Alliance for Tiny Shelters (HATS) Announces Decision Regarding Strachan Linear Park Site for Pilot Project


Title: Hamilton Alliance for Tiny Shelters (HATS) Announces Decision Regarding Strachan Linear Park Site for Pilot Project

Hamilton, [October 6th, 2023] - Having completed its due diligence, the Hamilton Alliance for Tiny Shelters (HATS) Board of Directors, with the total support of its Leadership Team, unanimously voted not to proceed with its Pilot on the city proposed Strachan Linear Park site. The organization felt too many of its essential site selection criteria were not being fully met, which would severely compromise the success of the Pilot to the detriment of all of its community partners. While the Strachan site addressed some of the needs of the HATS project, the due diligence process led HATS to conclude that the investment required was too significant.

HATS expresses deep disappointment that it cannot move forward with a site at this time, which had the potential to provide much-needed stability, safety, and warmth to unhoused individuals, particularly as the winter months approach. HATS, however, is moving ahead in collaboration with the City to identify other possible sites for a Pilot implementation targeted for mid-2024.

Additionally, a number of partners, including LIUNA, have offered their support for the HATS Model and will also be collaborating with HATS to identify additional potential sites. HATS will follow due process in engaging the community prior to selecting a future site.

HATS appreciates the ongoing support from Mayor Horwath and Hamilton City Council, particularly Councillor Cameron Kroetsch, as HATS strives to bring the Tiny Homes project to fruition.

HATS thanks the North End community members who engaged with HATS presenting HATS with the opportunity to elaborate further on the finer details of the Tiny Homes Program. HATS continues to refine and strengthen its innovative, compassionate and human-centred approach to helping mitigate the impacts of homelessness.

Please note that the City has also released a public update on this matter, available at https://www.hamilton.ca/city-council/news-notices/news-releases/update-hamiltonalliance-tiny-shelter-hats-pilot