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About Us

Who We Are

We are a grassroots nonprofit organization in Hamilton, Ontario run entirely by dedicated volunteers and funded through private donations and grants, committed to stabilizing our village members and the neighbourhood.

We provide safe, temporary, supportive housing with heating and air conditioning for our village members' comfort. Additionally, HATS is developing partnerships with health-care providers and social service agencies to provide on-site support to village residents including recreational programming to help them prepare for the transition to permanent housing opportunities.

We strive to meet the neighbourhood's needs by providing an aesthetically appealing well-maintained village of tiny homes, community gardens, and a secure environment with 24/7 security.

Dan Bednis
Board Chair, Board of Directors, HATS
Tom Cooper
Vice Chair, Board of Directors, HATS
Raquel Rakovac
Communications Officer, Board of Directors
Jen Bonner
The Hub
Bev Bednis, BA and M.Ed
HATS Volunteer Co-ordinator
Tony D'Amato Stortz
Consultant to HATS
Ed Fothergill
President, Fothergill Planning & Development Inc
Bill Johnston
Affordable Housing Team, First Unitarian Church of Hamilton
Kim Martin
Executive Director, SPRC
Wade Poziomka
Human Rights and Employment Lawyer, Ross & McBride
Ted Van Egdom
Chair HATS Fundraising Committee
Audrey Davis
Hamilton Regional Indian Centre (HRIC).
Julia Kollek
Former President, HATS